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Efficient SurgerY System

Standardizing the OR process

One of the most expensive resources in a hospital is the operating room. In order to keep medical care financially sustainable, processes in the OR need to be formalized and made more efficient while maintaining or even improving on current standards.

The ESY-Concept is a unique cross-disciplinary system developed during the daily routine in the OR. Formalized processes with cost-effective and pragmatic improvements add up to a more efficient OR with an optimized occupation. The nursing staff can fully focus on the job at hand in a serene working environment. The use of the Gripper and EsySuit contribute greatly to the standardisation of procedures and boost ergonomics for the medical staff. The clear and intuitive procedures generate team member accountability and enhance the level of involvement. Furthermore the ESY-Concept, with the Gripper and EsySuit, lowers the threshold for learning new techniques.

Implementing the ESY-Concept in the OR leads to an optimized exploitation of resources. Additionally, standardisation of the procedures generates a more predictable patient outcome. With Medenvision’s ESY-Concept a better management of the OR expenditure is within reach in order to provide sustainable health care.

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