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Efficiency through standardization


About us

Operating room efficiency

It is essential to maintain excellent quality regarding safety and ergonomics for the personnel in the operating room and to improve it where necessary. It is with these concerns in mind that we design and develop new products that make the processes in the OR simpler and more effective. The Gripper and EsySuit range are the result of this.

The Gripper is a device that allows the surgeon to position the retractor without help from an assistant. The EsySuit reduces the patient draping procedure to one single handling which can be completed within one minute. Both products have a worldwide patent and a global network of distributors ensures quick delivery. In our search to further optimise procedures in the operating room we also developed the ESY System (Efficient SurgerY). ESY System consists of pragmatic routines that are easy to implement and making it possible to standardise and therefore optimise many of the processes in the OR.

The strength of Medenvision is that we were established based on daily practices. Our OR experience has led to designing the Gripper and the EsySuit range and the development of the ESY-Concept. These instruments create a standardised and more efficient OR, which is crucial for increasing productivity and optimum cost management.

I use the Gripper in all my THA cases

The Gripper and the Esy-concept pushed my efficiency in the OR in a new dimension. The gripper saves at least one assistant surgeon in THA… Read more “I use the Gripper in all my THA cases”

A simple and cost effective tool

I have been a big fan of the Gripper since I started using it in early 2017. For me it is a simple and cost… Read more “A simple and cost effective tool”