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EDA Learning Journey

Each surgeon has got it’s own experiences, needs and specific OR set-up. Therefore, we feel that each learning journey should be tailor made so that all these different parameters can be approached accordingly based upon your needs. Each learning journey starts with dedicated preparation of all different steps when you want to introduce the Efficient Direct Anterior (EDA) approach THA into your hospital. We have created 3 main packages that should accommodate your needs and improve your EDA experience.

We have experienced that surgeons who come well prepared to our OR, benefit the most of these visitations. Therefore, preparation and intensive studying of the instructional material that we provide, will be of outmost importance prior to your visit. Basic knowledge of the surgical applied anatomy, the OR set-up and the different steps of the procedure can be gained through our e-learning EDA Academy. Our EDA specialist will contact you and thoroughly discuss with you your needs and concerns. Together with him, you can set-up and prepare your learning journey. Visits to one or more surgeons, a 1 week multicenter fellowship, preparation of your own OR, cadaver sessions and revision surgeries are only examples of learning features that can be selected based upon your needs.

We want your investment and learning journey to be successful. Therefore also the preparation of your nursing staff, anaesthesiologists and other third parties is important. Our aim is to let you take off with the EDA THA in your own OR within a period of 3 to 4 weeks.

Please first evaluate all different options and select whatever you feel would be required. Our EDA specialist will then come back to you and discuss all different options.

Good luck for a successful journey!